How Would I Teach a Lesson in 11th Grade Civics?

If using a fully digital curriculum, my lesson on Civics would include the use of multimedia. I would begin by developing a website to aid in the arrangement of lesson activities. The Site will include a logical progression of links to all content and material to be covered.


Students will follow links on my Site to obtain Presentations of lesson material created through software, such as, Prezi and/or PowerPoint. Following the link for Presentations will be links to Websites and podcasts with relevant information. I would provide a link for a class blog, which will be set up to resemble a newspaper for students to build upon lesson material. I would manage a threaded discussion board to be used by students for the engagement of discussions and development of opinions with peers.

First, I would be sure to use materials that are not only very thorough but also historically accurate. I would ensure that the content and materials used enable my students to read and write brief responses to the content I provide.

Second, Students would be required to analyze documents and answer questions about the content emphasized in the documents in a threaded discussion board, which will allow for me to check the students’ understanding.

Say for instance, I deliver a Presentation on Marbury v. Madison. I would then provide students a link to where they can obtain an overview of this landmark case. I would then provide a link to the podcast “60-Second Civics: Episode 2042, We the People, Lesson 21, Part 4: Marbury v. Madison explained” found on the Site

After the basis for Judicial Review is established, students will follow a link to a current news article, which provides relevant information about how this case has influenced court decisions in other cases (Brown v. Board of Education). Students will then apply what they have learned to create an article for the class blog and will tell the story of how judicial review was used in Brown V. Board of Education.

Finally, students will use the threaded discussion board to express their opinions and potentially debate their findings relating to both cases.