Here is a project I constructed through the Storify website. By use of visual storytelling, I created a story with the theme centered around a man named Carlos who has just been assigned the duty finding a local issue and producing a Cause Campaign.


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Web Theory

Web theories that describe how people arrive at complex computer language by use of semantics. The meaning of linguistic expressions in natural language is found through semantics. Web theories are relevant when computer scientist have to design artificial, complexed computer language (algorithms) to relate to natural language. Formal Semantic Theory (FST) and Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) are two theories used when computer language is considered to convey the meaning of natural language.


Hans Kamp

Formal Semantic Theory is a static adaptation to natural language. Hans Kamp, founder of Discourse Representation Theory explains Formal Semantics (FS) as being very literal and focused on rules. Static semantics being very literal runs into the issue of donkey pronouns. Donkey pronouns have no descriptive context so one cannot relate the antecedent to it. Kamp summarized FS in Elucidations, a University of Chicago podcast: Episode 49. His summary made clear that FS is used to “explain what the meanings of the smallest compartments of a sentence are and explains how those systematically yield the meaning of the sentence” (Teichman, 4:30). He also mentioned that there are difficulties and problems with FS.  Difficulties in this theory arise from conjunctions, verbs, and the roles of plurals in particular sentences. Problems arise because words change over time. Kamp turned his focus to DRT to help combat these issues.

Discourse Representation theory focuses on the influence of sentences rather than words. DRT is the framework that offers precision in expression when transforming context in a conversation. DRT is not static but is dynamic. Where FST was limited in describing complex sentences DRT is not. DRT uses the framework in which the context of the first sentence is in correlation with the next. Kamp makes clear that “context makes sense by being linked to the sentence that comes after it” (Teichman, 18:02). There is an issue with DRT. Different natural languages use different sentence structures to relate information making it difficult to build an artificial computer language. While DRT may not be perfect in this regard it has been extremely critical to computer scientists working to comprise complexed computer language relative to natural language.




Welcome to Mystory. By use of textualization and nonlinear formulation I created a story where you, the reader, can transverse four different aspects of how I spend my time. Mystory is set up to inform you of the things and situations I enjoy the most. You’ll come to know how I spend my time both indoors and outdoors with a few life experiences included. Click on either link below to begin MyStory.


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Keeping it Green

View from my boat ride at Goodby’s.

I just purchased my first green motor for my boat. I have always used a trolling motor to journey through the waterways here in Jacksonville. I chose to use the trolling motor because while out on the water the last thing I wanted to subject myself to was gas fumes billowing out of an engine. I have always found the fuel slicks on top of the water disturbing too. I want to enjoy nature. I want to look down and see just water. So, my friends, I decided to get a motor that runs on propane. I dropped the boat in at Goodby’s and started it up. Perfection! I gained horsepower by moving up to a fuel powered motor but did not have to deal with any obnoxious fumes. I did not leave a trail of slick behind me in the water. Not only did I go propane on the fuel for my boat but I also ordered my first subscription to KYV Farm’s Vegetable Share and Egg Share for the Fall/Winter Season. For the last two years I kept telling myself to just join, and I finally did. Now, I just have to wait until November to get my first home delivery.

Rain or Shine?



This past week the weather here in JAX has been a helpful and a problem. I did not attend the Florida Country Superfest this weekend. I was hoping to win tickets but that just didn’t happen. I watched the local news station’s reports of crowds finding cover in the rain. I must say, the folks that were interviewed seemed happy to be there at the arena. I spent my time hanging around the house. There was no way I could plan on taking the boat out for another opportunity to spot a manatee. I was able to get my class work done early, leaving me stress free for the weekend. I know, it’s not super exciting but it was nice. Dense clouds allowed me spend some time outside. Usually the sun beats down so strong that you feel like your head is cooking. Overall, the weather this week enabled me to slow down and enjoy some down time.


Oh, What a Weekend!

This past weekend was sure a special one for us in the River City. We had four sporting events on Saturday including the U.S. Soccer team challenging Ghana at Everbank Field. Everyone was dressed up in their red, white, and blue attire setting the stage for some good-time tailgating. This event finished with the U.S. winning all three friendlies for the first time. Not only did our city host the soccer game but there was also the Powerboat P1 races at Memorial Park, the Sharks playing the Shocks at the Arena, and Baseball.


I took the time this past Saturday to take my canoe over to Goodby’s for a nice morning boat ride. The overcast kept the sun out of my eyes while I reveled in the appearance of Manatee emerging from the water to touch the sides of my boat. There were three following me around just looking for some attention. The Manatee got what they asked for as I snapped as many pictures as I could.


On Sunday, I took a ride down to Crescent Beach in search of a boat launch along the Matanzas. I found one but became more intrigued with the properties for rent along the water. This Fall, I will definitely be putting a week aside to go enjoy myself at Crescent Beach.


Summer is Here!

tll cs2 copy

Summer is Here!

Good day, everyone. My name is Tiffany. I am a Converged Communications student at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

I have been so excited for the beginning of summer and it’s here.

Summer is kicking-off here in Jacksonville.

The last day of school is this Friday, June 6th.


Are You Prepared?

Most parents are in need of babysitting services through the summertime so I would like to suggest that parents check out SeekingSitters. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of teenagers looking to score some extra cash this summer so don’t forget about asking the neighborhood boys and girls if they may be interested. Keep in mind that most professional sitters will charge you $10 an hour so be kind and do not offer your neighborhood kids less than $5.


Looking Forward

The first-ever Florida Country Superfest will take place here in Jacksonville at Everbank Field on June 14th & 15th. Florida Georgia Line and Little Big Town are just two of the country stars who will be rocking out in what is hoped to be the beginning of an Annual Country Music Party. Superstar Jason Aldean will be kicking off the first evening along with Eric Church. The second evening Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert will be headlining. If this is right up your alley then go to and secure your tickets.