About Me

My name is Tiffany Langlois. I am currently in pursuit of earning my B.S. in Converged Communications with Concentration in Political and Cause Campaigns at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

I was born in Connecticut and spent my childhood years growing up in a very small town there. At this point in my life I have spent just as much time living in Ohio and Florida. I currently reside in Florida and enjoy the endless summers.

The best book I’ve ever read is The Rainbow by D.H. Lawrence. This book is by far my favorite read because it touches on the inner thoughts and actions of young women that remain true to this day.

I am happiest when I see my children growing into wonderful human beings.

 I get mad when there is a truck in front of me and the driver literally comes to a complete stop before rolling over a speed bump.

My idea of a fun day is one that is spent outdoors.  I also enjoy being on the water and camping in the woods. Most of all I enjoy working in my garden and sitting in my backyard watching the wildlife.

One thing I think I probably know way too much about is cleanliness. I actually have a copy of A Tale of Soap and Water that was published in 1937 by the Cleanliness Institute.


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