The Semiotic Breakdown of a Colgate Ad


creative-print-ads-5For this post I will breakdown the semiotics of an ad, which was assigned to me. I will follow along the lines of Roland Barthes explanation of semiotics.

The semiotic breakdown of this ad covers the linguistic, denoted, and connoted message.

This advertisement from Colgate advocates its product, dental floss. There is no text in this ad. The picture is simplistic and yet still bold enough to attract  attention of what I believe to be a reader of a magazine.

The only linguistic message one will gather is the Colgate name on the dental floss container.

The denoted message consists of a bright red strawberry against a white background. The strawberry has bright green leaves. The seeds from the strawberry are lying on a white surface. Also, there is a container of dental floss.

The connoted message is that the seeds from the strawberry are a cause for the use of dental floss. Not only does one have to worry about the seeds but also the sugars contained in the big juicy strawberry. The bright green leaves at the top of the strawberry with the white background of the ad reminds one that floss will be necessary to get those sticky greens off your teeth by the use of floss. Therefore, Colgate dental floss is the answer for removing seeds, sugars, and greens that get stuck in ones teeth.

In conclusion, this reveals that a consumer’s use of Colgate dental floss is the best way to remove unwanted debris from the tight spaces between teeth and along the gum line.

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