Keeping it Green

View from my boat ride at Goodby’s.

I just purchased my first green motor for my boat. I have always used a trolling motor to journey through the waterways here in Jacksonville. I chose to use the trolling motor because while out on the water the last thing I wanted to subject myself to was gas fumes billowing out of an engine. I have always found the fuel slicks on top of the water disturbing too. I want to enjoy nature. I want to look down and see just water. So, my friends, I decided to get a motor that runs on propane. I dropped the boat in at Goodby’s and started it up. Perfection! I gained horsepower by moving up to a fuel powered motor but did not have to deal with any obnoxious fumes. I did not leave a trail of slick behind me in the water. Not only did I go propane on the fuel for my boat but I also ordered my first subscription to KYV Farm’s Vegetable Share and Egg Share for the Fall/Winter Season. For the last two years I kept telling myself to just join, and I finally did. Now, I just have to wait until November to get my first home delivery.

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