Oh, What a Weekend!

This past weekend was sure a special one for us in the River City. We had four sporting events on Saturday including the U.S. Soccer team challenging Ghana at Everbank Field. Everyone was dressed up in their red, white, and blue attire setting the stage for some good-time tailgating. This event finished with the U.S. winning all three friendlies for the first time. Not only did our city host the soccer game but there was also the Powerboat P1 races at Memorial Park, the Sharks playing the Shocks at the Arena, and Baseball.


I took the time this past Saturday to take my canoe over to Goodby’s for a nice morning boat ride. The overcast kept the sun out of my eyes while I reveled in the appearance of Manatee emerging from the water to touch the sides of my boat. There were three following me around just looking for some attention. The Manatee got what they asked for as I snapped as many pictures as I could.


On Sunday, I took a ride down to Crescent Beach in search of a boat launch along the Matanzas. I found one but became more intrigued with the properties for rent along the water. This Fall, I will definitely be putting a week aside to go enjoy myself at Crescent Beach.


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